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Friday, June 12, 2009

Namo webeditor and creator{released 22.2.09}

Namo WebEditor 8 is one of the most complete Web authoring applications ever created and quite possibly the only software you will need to create, edit, publish and manage your websites. An integrated development environment empowers Web professionals to create cutting-edge sites.

Easy-to-use functions enable beginners to grow into highly-skilled Web designers.
If you don’t know HTML and still want to create good looking websites, WYSIWYG editors are way to go. Namo Webeditor is one of them and it is actually a pretty decent choice, if you don’t want to invest into slightly heavier Adobe Dreamweaver. The new version was released by group ENGiNE few minutes ago.

Product features:
* New User Interface - Namo WebEditor 8 provides a ribbon menu so that often-used commands can be accessed easily. On the ribbon menu, commands are grouped according to task so that needed commands can be found quickly, reducing the time it takes to complete tasks.
* Effective Presentation Features - Presentations can be made into HTML documents and displayed using your web browser¡¯s full screen feature. Existing presentation files (*.ppt) can be converted into HTML form or image form. In presentation mode, you can use a remote control or the automatic slide show feature to easily move from one slide to another.
* Teaching Plan Wizard Feature - A wizard feature is provided for making basic teaching plans easily. Users with a knowledge of XML can use WebEditor¡¯s XML editing features to create their own lesson plan forms.
* DIV Tag Features - Areas in a web page can be selected and grouped with DIV tags. Before, DIV tags could be inserted in the HTML source editing window, but now they can be inserted directly from the visual editing window.

OS: Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP or Vista


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